Keith BrockKeith Brock was born 4/20/70 in Los Angeles, California a midst a new and exciting era of dance music (70’s disco) and a new era of cutting edge rock and roll.  As a child Keith absorbed his atmosphere like a musical sponge.  “I remember my house always being filled with music from the radio, ranging from sounds of pop, soul and disco to heavy edged rock music.” 

At the age of 5, Keith’s family was split up and Keith hit the road with his father who was a truck driver.  After a couple of years on the road, Keith found himself settling down in Seattle, Washington where he started his musical career.  Keith began singing in school and church choirs at an early age.  It came very naturally to him due to the fact that he always enjoyed listening to music.

Keith had won some local vocal competitions, which drew the attention of a few high school musicians who wanted Keith to join their Seattle rock band called Triad.  The group opened shows with songs from Judas Priest, Scorpions and UFO while closing with their own material.  Keith was a natural when it came to performing and realized this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. 

At the age of 15, Keith’s local high school needed a guitar player for their jazz group and Keith took the opportunity and decided to start playing guitar.  Keith remembers his first chord chart that was filled with all kinds of chords and notes he had never seen before.  So he went to the local music store and bought a chord dictionary, where he spent the next three weeks trying to sort it all out.  Keith knew there had to be a better way and thus started private jazz lessons that proved to be vital in teaching him the basics of music appreciation.  Keith’s first guitar teacher introduced him to the music of Pat Metheny.  It was a brand new musical experience filled with lush harmonic content and complex rhythms all within one beautiful musical voice.  Keith was very taken back by it and embraced it whole heartedly. 

A year later, Keith had a unique opportunity come up when the jazz super group Manhattan Transfer came to Seattle, Washington to play a show and suddenly had no guitar player.  Manhattan Transfer had seen Keith play earlier in the day and had invited him to perform with them that evening.  Once again it gave Keith insight at an early age as to where he wanted to take his musical career. 

At the age of 18 Keith found himself moving back to Los Angeles to start his career as an LA studio musician.  Keith began studying guitar at the Dick Grove School of Music and studied classical and jazz in the Citrus College music program.  While at Citrus College Keith had the opportunity to study classical harmony with Dr. Frank Malioco a Doctorate from Juilliard as well as studying classical guitar with Gunnar Eisel, Executive Director of Guitar Foundation of America, the largest guitar organization in America. 

At the same time Keith also started studying with LA famed studio guitarist Carl Verheyen (current guitarist for the group Supertramp).  Carl introduced him to many styles of music and guitar playing and also provided great insight into the music business.  A few years later Keith apprenticed under the famous film composer Hans Zimmer at Media Ventures.  It was here that Keith really started honing his craft in sound design and music production.

Keith also kept very busy playing live performances from Disneyland to all of the premier casinos and hotels on the Las Vegas strip.  Keith continues to focus on working as a studio guitarist and engineer in LA. Currently, Keith is touring with name acts for worldwide tours and doing studio work in LA and abroad.  He is also writing and producing for two upcoming CD releases.    


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