Set Up #1
Set up #1 Main Touring & Recording Rig

Set Up #2
Set up #2 Second Touring Rig

Set Up #3
Set up #3 Third Touring Rig

In this section I will talk about the gear that I have been using and my philosophy on guitar sounds.  For as long as I have been playing guitar I have been recording guitars.  I have many years of experience with both live and studio music.  That being said my belief is “if your minds ear can conceive it you can achieve it”.  I feel that the tone a player creates is heard in their mind and then transferred to ones hands, thus “Tone” begins.  This is a theory taught in classical guitar.  Everyone has a different interpretation in their mind of what tone should be and thus why we have so many variations in the styles of music played on the same instrument. 

That being said then we take that information and now apply technology or equipment.  Since I have always been striving for the very best in sound I have gravitated towards using studio quality equipment.  For myself my experimentation with guitar foot pedals for effects and distortion was short lived.  In my opinion I have had too many problems with grounding, phasing and noise floor issues with pedals.  I am also not a fan of running effects in series.  Talk about tone degradation and noise!  As for myself I look at setting up my guitar rig for live just like I do for the studio.  First, I have my preamps develop the initial tone (i.e. gain stage/EQ).  Second, my effects are always running parallel with the initial sound from the preamps.  Finally, the power amp stage to the speakers.  Live or studio I have both the options of running a direct stereo signal from my guitar rack to the mixing console and the ability to mic the speaker cabinets both front and back.  Now with all of these options on the mixing console you have a great ability to achieve some awesome sounds with tremendous control. 


As far as my amps are concerned I have been using the same rig for a long time now.  At the heart of all of my guitar rigs is the Mesa Boogie TriAxis.  I love this preamp due to the fact that I play many different styles of music on many different guitars.  This preamp has great control over its gain stages.  I can go from completely clean to heavy distortion and everything in between.  Pick ups may have active electronics or not, which will drastically change your gain stages.  With the Mesa Boogie TriAxis I can set up my favorite sounds and gain stages on all of my guitars and save them. This becomes very important in a live situation when you are switching between different guitars.  In all my guitar set ups the TriAxis is my base for tone and gain.  In addition to the TriAxis I absolutely love the Mesa Boogie Rectifier Preamp for a lot of heavy rock rhythms and leads as well as some “roots” based sounds. 

I also use a Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp for rock and blues.  In addition, to my Mesa Boogie amps I occasionally use a collection of other preamps from Marshall (JMP-1), Groove Tubes (Trio), Soldano (SP-77) and Demeter.  I might get a producer, composer or artist who is looking for a particular amp and thus I can accommodate their wishes.  All of these preamps are powered by the Mesa Boogie Stereo Simul-Class 2:Ninety Power Amp.  All of the switching between the preamps is covered by two Digital Music Corp GCX switchers and I control those with the Ground Control.  I have two sets of 1x12 speaker cabinets the first set are a pair of Mesa Boogie custom ¾ closed back cabinets with Celestion 25 watt speakers.  The second set are KK Audio closed back cabinets with Celestion 90 watt speakers.  I use Monster speaker cables. 




The effects unit that I use for reverbs, delays and chorusing is the Inteliverb by RSP.  I love this unit!  This unit I believe was RSP’s take on the Lexicon PCM70 and RSP did a fantastic job with some modern flair to it.  For all of my retro and modern effects I use the Rocktron Replifex.  This is an outstanding unit for effects!  Last but not least, is my TC Electronics G Major.  The G Major was made for guitar processing and is probably my favorite effects unit for guitar.  All of these effects are routed through my GCX Mix Plus system (in parallel).  All of the cabling in my guitar racks is George Ls.  The only other effect I use is a modified wah wah pedal with a true bypass switch. 



Click Here to view my guitar gallery.  These are the main guitars I use and all of my guitars are strung with D’Addario strings.  






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